Other Fiction by A.C. Houston

image VAMP By day she's Sam, the perky office administrator at BubbleTrendz, a Boston-based social media startup. By night she's Zaira, the savvy partner of Kaminsky, Farago and Roehr, a New York venture capital firm. Her investments have made her a wealthy woman -- courtesy of competitive insights gleaned through her 'day jobs' working for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Her life's complicated balance is disrupted by a request from family members living in the Carpathian mountains -- that her younger cousin Sandor be sent to live with her. He's a brainy, brooding lad with a talent for writing Python code, a formidable hacker. But, he's deeply conflicted about his identity -- their identity. About the human blood they drink.

Can Zaira convince Sandor to proudly embrace his vampiric ancestry, or will he betray his entire family in a fit of existential rage? Their mortal dangers deepen when they join forces with coworkers at BubbleTrendz in a desparate race to decipher and expose a masterful plot that threatens to wreak havoc on the world's financial markets.

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image Winning: The sequel to Blind Tasting They're young, they're rich and they've found love. But 'happily ever after' is not something that curious, passionate minds settle for. Follow Cory and his friends through their next adventures in the South Pacific.